Monday, March 5, 2012


I am not sure if I am cut out to be a blogger yet, so busy sewing and with family things. But I won't give up. I was encouraged to read another blogger admit she did not really start blogging regularly until after a year of being online!
I just signed up for the Sewing Summit in Salt Lake City in October. Right before my birthday. I always do a trip, a concert or three, something special around that time. So this year, it will be Utah, never been there and look forward to playing tourist in the city, meeting new people and SEWING!

I wanted to share the quilts I made this past fall for our grand twins Kate and Eli. I used two charm packs of Lilly and Wil, paired them with some 'cotton cool',  fabric I purchased a full bolt of back in the early 90's. I separated the pinks and the blues, divided the browns and greens up between the two, and used a simple hour glass block. There are many tutorials for the hour glass block so I won't even attempt to explain LOL!

I did border them with a coordinating Lilly and Wil fabric, backed with another, and did the plaid binding on the bias to get the plaid on the angle. Simple small arcs machine quilting,  cotton batting and good machine wash and dry to get that wonderful crinkly aged look.

Each quilt was 9 x 9 blocks, so if you are counting, that's 41 prints matched up with 41 of the solid to get 82 hour glass blocks (with one extra) per quilt.  Charm squares being 5", makes the finished block 4" equals 36"  square plus  2" borders and binding for an approximate 40" square quilt.

I hope this has inspired you to try making an hour glass quilt. Play with block size, use your scraps, your favorite packet of charm squares you have no clue what to do with. This size would also make a great table topper! One pack of charm squares? Alternate with solid blocks to still get the same size!

Wow, that wasn't too bad, I thought this blogging thing would take a while! I might have to write again tomorrow... 

have a great day and happy sewing!

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  1. so pretty! glad you got the picture thing figured out. you'll be ready to rock now!