Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving...and more

Still working on LIFE as I dream of getting this blog off the ground. Don't know how many of you are coming here to read, but thank you for coming back. I've been sewing, and planning, and taking photos but have been busy with family matters. Now my back has finally given out after years of dealing wtih old injuries and I am working on figuring out how to sew standing up!
I have been also busy going thru BOXES of fabric from 15-20 years ago, laundering, pressing and folding Thank you Jeni @ for your wonderful organizational plan that is helping me thru this task! Also lining up the Christmas gift sewing that I can hopefully get to once the back pain is tolerable.
Tomorrow we all gather with family and friends to give thanks for our many blessings. I am so thankful for my husband, my family, my friends, the community of sewers/crafters I've found here who's blogs have encouraged me to go back to my first 'love' of sewing and creating, and most of all I am thankful for the grace of the Lord that supports, sustains and gives me hope.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Where have I been?

Life has taken a side road and I haven't been able to work on this new blog as I had planned... I am sewing in between what's going on, taking photos and keeping track of how I am putting these projects together to share... still reading and loving my fellow bloggers. Don't give up on me !

Cold fall day in New Jersey, having a yard sale but sneaking in to sew and be online.. multitasking at it's finest.

Have a blessed Sunday!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Busy life, Welcome to our new grandbabies!

I've been busy. Trying to figure out how to do all this blogging stuff. Reading other blogs. Working nights with a family with twins. Going thru boxes of fabric that have been in a closet for 15 years. Sewing. Totes, purses, zipper bags, a baby laundry bag,  clothes. There's  two baby quilts that, since I still haven't be happy with my free motion quilting skills, are still not quilted!
Yesterday all stopped! Our daughter Mylissa, her husband Neil along with Big Sister Alexis welcomed Kate and Eli into the world and I am here helping out. We are so blessed to have a beautiful family and now two more join us!
Thanking the Lord for His blessings!

Welcome Eli and Kate! I'll get back to your quilts soon!
love, Nana!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fabric Shopping, again!

Since I've started back to sewing, I have been drawn in by the wonderful online shops,  the LQS and the only chain fabric store around, Joann's. Very bad for an addictive personality like mine!  I should not be buying another piece of fabric for the rest of my life, I have enough for a store of my own... more on that in a future post!

The trip to Joann's today was JUST to buy fabric to make a valance for above my refrigerator,  fabric in specific colors to make a tote for a friend,  and a thread organizer.   Oh, yes, and seersucker, Dana over at blogged about it being on sale at Joann's thru today.  Seersucker is the perfect fabric and weight to make some summer swaddle blankets for my soon to be born grandtwins!  Of course I didn't get out of there with just those items. Picked up a pattern for dresses for my two grand daughters and some funky fun colors of fabric for them,  fabric to make two over the door hanging hampers for the twins' room using one that I purchased at a thrift shop for the pattern, on sale Fons/Porter quilting 1/4" guide rulers  and soft lead pencils.  Some how I spent over $100.  I was able to get  the bags out of the car and into my sewing room with out the hubby seeing them. WHEW!

What was your largest purchase when you set out to get one or two things? And do you sneak the bags in too??

 I look forward to sharing my projects and sewing tips in up coming posts, and maybe a pattern or two. And photos when I figure out how to post them here!

Do  come back and say Hi!

happy sewing! Maire
Hello! New to blogging and I and look forward to sharing my sewing, photography and other crafty things along with bits and pieces about me and my crazy life!  I will also be listing all the blogs that have inspired me to get back to my machine after a long absence along with the wonderful online shops I've found once I figure out how to do it! Please check back as I continue to update, and please feel free to comment and/or point me in the direction of any blogging tips !

Right now, it's 2:18 am  and I must get some sleep and stop reading all these wonderful blogs and get off the fabric shop sites before I spent more money!

I look forward to getting to know you!

Mary Ann aka MAIRE