Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fabric Shopping, again!

Since I've started back to sewing, I have been drawn in by the wonderful online shops,  the LQS and the only chain fabric store around, Joann's. Very bad for an addictive personality like mine!  I should not be buying another piece of fabric for the rest of my life, I have enough for a store of my own... more on that in a future post!

The trip to Joann's today was JUST to buy fabric to make a valance for above my refrigerator,  fabric in specific colors to make a tote for a friend,  and a thread organizer.   Oh, yes, and seersucker, Dana over at blogged about it being on sale at Joann's thru today.  Seersucker is the perfect fabric and weight to make some summer swaddle blankets for my soon to be born grandtwins!  Of course I didn't get out of there with just those items. Picked up a pattern for dresses for my two grand daughters and some funky fun colors of fabric for them,  fabric to make two over the door hanging hampers for the twins' room using one that I purchased at a thrift shop for the pattern, on sale Fons/Porter quilting 1/4" guide rulers  and soft lead pencils.  Some how I spent over $100.  I was able to get  the bags out of the car and into my sewing room with out the hubby seeing them. WHEW!

What was your largest purchase when you set out to get one or two things? And do you sneak the bags in too??

 I look forward to sharing my projects and sewing tips in up coming posts, and maybe a pattern or two. And photos when I figure out how to post them here!

Do  come back and say Hi!

happy sewing! Maire

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